Alpha Programme

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Through moments of experience and exchange, through cognitive and sensory activities exclusive to the Brighter Minds programme, the Alpha programme helps children’s lives and learning to flourish. This is a much needed, innovative programme, waiting to be discovered!

Brighter Minds

The Alpha programme trains children to thrive in their learning environments and in their daily lives. The cognitive activities exclusive to Brighter Minds allow for proper stimulation of the brain and heart through moments of experience and exchange. New discoveries in neuroplasticity show that the programme is most effective between the ages of 6 and 15, in terms of acquiring new skills.

It is an innovative programme that you need to discover!

Brighter Minds is a methodology designed to develop and support our cognitive reserve, the brain's ability to optimise its performance through progressive strengthening of the neural network. The Alpha programme promotes healthy brains by offering a well-studied process where the brain and mind are balanced and used in an optimal way while integrating the intelligence of the heart.

By using these cognitive functions as a whole, and opening the senses, sensory perceptions and intuitive intelligence, children find the resources to reach their highest potential.

Déroulé du programme
Caratteristiche del corso

The Alpha training course is between 9 and 12 sessions, depending on the facilitator. These sessions are often spread over weekends. In each session, participants experience the Alpha programme in its entirety. A session lasts between 3 and 4-and-a-half hours. There are also intensive courses lasting one or two weeks.

Children are given a training kit at the beginning of the course. This kit is kept for the whole of the course.

Alpha sessions are either face-to-face or, in exceptional circumstances, online.

In face-to-face training, the participant is required to come to each session of the course. This creates cooperative group work, and it is important that the participant is fully engaged. Parents and friends are not allowed to attend the sessions, only qualified facilitators and participants are present.

In the online sessions, children receive their working materials by mail. It is essential that the child is in a caring environment, especially during the training. It is advisable to ensure that the child is free from external disturbances so that they can fully relax and enter the Alpha process.

Les activités du programme
Programme's activities

The Brighter Minds Alpha process consists of several activities :

  • Dance, yoga, specific movements, and sensorimotor activities.
  • Brain and eye gymnastics: dissociation and synchronisation of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and stimulation of neural circuits
  • Memory activities, creativity, and fine observation games
  • Stimulation of cooperation and relational intelligence (the ability to manage relationships)
  • Breathing and relaxation activities
  • Self-awareness tools to promote emotional intelligence
  • Binaural music listening: brainwave oscillation music.
  • Sensory enhancing activities
  • Challenges and novelties for an inspiring life

Children receive a bag with training materials at the start of the course. This bag is kept for all sessions.

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