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Our methodology is designed to develop and support our cognitive reserve - the brain's ability to optimize its performance by progressive strengthening of its neural network.
Brighter Minds

Our training courses

Alpha Programme

For children and young people aged 6 to 15

The Alpha programme trains children to thrive in their learning environments and in their daily lives. The cognitive activities exclusive to Brighter Minds allow for proper stimulation of the brain and heart through moments of experience and exchange. New discoveries in neuroplasticity show that the programme is most effective between the ages of 6 and 15, in terms of acquiring new skills.

It is an innovative programme that you need to discover!

Brighter Minds is a methodology designed to develop and support our cognitive reserve, the brain's ability to optimise its performance through progressive strengthening of the neural network. The Alpha programme promotes healthy brains by offering a well-studied process where the brain and mind are balanced and used in an optimal way while integrating the intelligence of the heart.

By using these cognitive functions as a whole, and opening the senses, sensory perceptions and intuitive intelligence, children find the resources to reach their highest potential.

The Alpha training course is between 9 and 12 sessions, depending on the facilitator. These sessions are often spread over weekends. In each session, participants experience the Alpha programme in its entirety. A session lasts between 3 and 4-and-a-half hours. There are also intensive courses lasting one or two weeks.

Children are given a training kit at the beginning of the course. This kit is kept for the whole of the course.

Alpha sessions are either face-to-face or, in exceptional circumstances, online.

In face-to-face training, the participant is required to come to each session of the course. This creates cooperative group work, and it is important that the participant is fully engaged. Parents and friends are not allowed to attend the sessions, only qualified facilitators and participants are present.

In the online sessions, children receive their working materials by mail. It is essential that the child is in a caring environment, especially during the training. It is advisable to ensure that the child is free from external disturbances so that they can fully relax and enter the Alpha process.

The Brighter Minds Alpha process consists of several activities :

  • Dance, yoga, specific movements, and sensorimotor activities.
  • Brain and eye gymnastics: dissociation and synchronisation of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and stimulation of neural circuits
  • Memory activities, creativity, and fine observation games
  • Stimulation of cooperation and relational intelligence (the ability to manage relationships)
  • Breathing and relaxation activities
  • Self-awareness tools to promote emotional intelligence
  • Binaural music listening: brainwave oscillation music.
  • Sensory enhancing activities
  • Challenges and novelties for an inspiring life
Through moments of experience and exchange, through cognitive and sensory activities exclusive to the Brighter Minds programme, the Alpha programme helps children’s lives and learning to flourish. This is a much needed, innovative programme, waiting to be discovered!

Alpha Facilitator Programme

For education professionals only

The Alpha Facilitator training enables qualified adults to coach children and young people in Brighter Minds' Alpha programmes, to teach children how to maximise learning, and live fulfilling lives.

Who can become an Alpha facilitator?

If you have facilitation skills; if you are encouraging, and you like to learn while looking at the world in a positive way; if you want to get involved in an innovative programme that offers concrete solutions to create a harmonious and responsible environment; if you already have professional experience with children and young people - the "Alpha Programme Facilitator" training is for you.

The training combines theoretical learning and practical experience with a group of children. It is a certificate course that enables you to work professionally with groups of children using the Alpha method.

The Alpha programme enables children to make intuitive decisions, to move from thinking to feeling. The method combines the findings of neuroscience with the intuitive intelligence of the heart.

Facilitators will have sufficiently refined 'qualities of presence' to enable children to find balance, and to thrive in confidence during training sessions.

2 types of training are possible, online, or face-to-face.

Online training

The training is composed of 8 modules of 3.5 hours in interaction with the instructors.  In each module, the participant discovers and experiences a specific activity of the Alpha programme.

This training is completed by a practical course with a group of children to apply the concepts in a concrete way. With the agreement of the Brighter Minds Institute, the participant can then offer this method in a professional setting.

In person 

The training courses take place over a full week and are completed by a practical course with a group of children. The participant attends all the modules to complete the training.

The trainers accompany you enthusiastically through the training modules and throughout your practical training.

The training combines physical activities, intellectual insights, and a sensory experience of the programme. The participant is able to adapt their view of the different situations and of themselves during the training.                    

Module 1:

  • Presentation of the trainers, the BMF Institute, its history, and its researchers
  • Presentation of the Alpha Programme: why this programme; and how do we help children to excel? 
  • The art of being a facilitator

Module 2:

  • Scientific aspects of the Alpha programme   

Module 3:

  • Child development, potential, and needs
  • The power of intention and emotion: immersion in the first part of the Alpha programme

Module 4:

  • Brain Gymnastics
  • Dance and physical activities
  • Fine motor skills and attention

Module 5:

  • Towards the alpha state, principles and activities, part 1

Module 6:

  • Towards the alpha and theta state, principles and activities, 2nd part
  • Sensory activities, 1st stage
  • Intuition, observation, and concentration

Modules 7 and 8:

  • Complete experiential sessions with all stages of sensory activities.

The Alpha Facilitator training programme enables professionally qualified adults to train children and young people in the Brighter Minds' Alpha programme, guiding children to a higher level of learning and a more fulfilled life.

Restart Programme

For people over 40 years old

The human brain is an extraordinary organ, with an unlimited capacity for learning, but age tends to catch up with it! 

RESTART is a 30-day programme for people over 40. It is, among other things, designed to tackle age-related 'brain fatigue' and revitalise the mind.  It is a scientifically planned exploration of exercises that stimulate ‘cognitive reserve’.

Cognitive reserve - the brain's ability to learn, to retain skills related to memory, conceptual thinking, problem solving, mental clarity, pattern recognition, language, attention, perception, etc. - can diminish with age.

Like any muscle in our body, the brain needs exercise to stay in shape. It sets priorities. The neuronal pathways that are most used become stronger and those that are dormant are eliminated. Another important brain principle is that neurons that fire together connect together.

Research shows that fighting age-related cognitive decline is the key to good health (mind, body, and spirit). RESTART gives you the tools to tap into your cognitive potential, to build a new foundation for the years to come, to help you achieve the best of your career and your projects. It allows you to put life’s pressures and constraints into perspective, and to find the freedom to rethink the world.

5 to 7 modules of 3 hours each, the training takes place live and online via Zoom web-conference. 

3 passionate trainers support you during your month of training. They put all their skills and know-how at the service of participants.

Participants interact with trainers and work in groups throughout the course. 

The training combines several activities related to lifestyle, creativity, the body, and all cognitive aspects. Participants are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone in a caring and joyful way to rectify unhealthy habits.

Bonuses and other gifts are offered during the month of training to rediscover the power of living a joyful life!

A relaxation and meditation technique (optional and out of the training hours) is offered to help participants relax and unwind.

To protect participants' data in accordance with GDPR standards, the training is not recorded or downloadable.

Physical, cognitive, and creative activities are the hallmarks of this rich and varied course. 

  • Warm-ups and group activities that stimulate memory, rhythm, coordination, team spirit, concentration, and attention
  • Physical activities: dance, yoga, gymnastics 
  • Memory techniques 
  • Exercises that stimulate neuroplasticity 
  • Lifestyle related learning: physical exercise, nutrition, sleep, challenge, novelty, the pillars of a healthy life
  • Group activities that stimulate relationships, creativity, and self-confidence
  • Meditation and relaxation
The human brain is an extraordinary organ with an unlimited capacity to learn, but age tends to catch up with it!

Teacher Formula

The Alpha method is built upon four essential scientific pillars recognized by neuroscience. It strengthens the natural abilities of young individuals in observation, comprehension, and intuition, while guiding them towards confidence and harmony.

Flexible options for teachers and students.

The Alpha method incorporates four essential scientific pillars recognized by neuroscience. It enhances young people's natural capacity for observation, comprehension, and intuition while helping them build confidence and harmony.

Training Schedule

29 Jun
Date des sessions

June 29, 30 (Saturday & Sunday), July 6, 13, 20, 27, August 3, 10,17 (Saturdays)

26 Aug
Facilitateur Alpha - Prague - Tchéquie
Date des sessions

La formation facilitateur sera traduite en anglais/ français/ tchèque. Elle aura lieu les 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 août de 9h à 17 heures.

Image d'une séance Restart en visioconférence

How do the online courses work?

Our training courses are interactive and delivered online, in real time. Instructors are present to support participants throughout the sessions.

They are conducted by trainers who are experts in facilitation and in their field of expertise. Our goal is to make these training sessions a gentle, surprising, and rich learning experience for you.

The sessions are adapted, punctuated by experiential exercises, moments of exchange and group work, body engagement, relaxation, and learning focused on various themes.

The courses are not recordable or downloadable.It is a unique experience every time.

The Restart, Alpha Facilitators, and Discovery of the Alpha Programme training materials are online for convenience: they are in French or English, and the audience comes from all over Europe and/or the French-speaking world. We plan to restore the Alpha Facilitators face-to-face courses in 2023.

Alpha training for children remains face-to-face. This format is preferred to avoid children being over-exposed to screens, and to allow them to enter the process calmly.The "holiday camps" are also face-to-face during school holidays.


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